This whole experience has been wonderful!... The process was very easy and the spa was beautiful and relaxing! I'm so grateful that you have chosen to help parents of critically ill children in this manner. There are many needs and many ways to help families who are in this situation, but some dedicated time for relaxation is always overlooked. I really appreciate it! I'll also send feedback to my son's doctor so that she can refer other parents who are in need of some relaxation time.


 It was AMAZING- it felt so nice to do something for me, and relaxing instead of just thinking….. The whole thing was just so nice- so soothing. made me feel human
- Dana


“I just wanted to thank you , your organization and the team at Red Door Spa for this “Moment of Grace”. I came back today totally renewed after a great experience with Kate at the Red Door Spa in Tysons.  I remembered today the woman I was before our history started…”
- Marcela

Kim had a FANTASTIC experience with her massage.
When she returned, she told us that she felt so relaxed that she could go
to her room and cry. Although this sounds bad, its truly a wonderful
thing. As I¹m sure you know, the caregivers spend so much time being so
strong for their children that they don¹t take the time to let their own
emotions out so it is a big moment for them when they are able to express
themselves. So thank you for this.
- Cristen

We are not frequent spa goers, and as such, we really enjoyed the special attention given to each of us! Stephen went into his massage with some neck tension which his masseuse was able to work through, and I really enjoyed my facial! I've never experienced one to this degree. My hygienist even massaged my hands, arms, shoulders and neck - something I was completely not expecting!

I hope other parents/caregivers are able to enjoy a Moment of Grace, as we have.

-Michelle and Stephen